Fordwich Allotment Association



A new Fordwich organisation was formed at a recent meeting of allotment holders. 


This was the culmination of two months of activity following the March 2004 meeting of the the Trustees of Fordwich United Charities (FUC), who are the owners of the allotments.  Until recently FUC merely collected the rent from allotment holders to use for its charitable activities.  Without any investment or maintenance many of the allotments fell into disuse and at the time of the March meeting only a handful of the 21 allotments were being actively cultivated.


At the March meeting Trustees decided to take a more active interest in the allotments, although strictly speaking this was not part of the Trustees’ duties.  Vacant plots were advertised, site meetings arranged, and now all the allotments have been allocated to a total of 14 allotment holders.   Informal discussions took place covering topics such as flooding, regeneration grants and improvements including a piped water supply, a secure tool shed and plots for disabled access. 


Trustees took the view that the role of the FUC was to facilitate the regeneration of the allotments, leaving the actual management of the allotments and their regeneration to the allotment holders themselves.  Hence the formation of the Fordwich Allotment Association.


For more information please contact either the chairman, Jonathan Hardy, on 712569/07745 928551 or the secretary, Mary Morley on 712823.